Tips To Healthy Lifestyle

Tips To Healthy Lifestyle

I give you a double patty burger for breakfast, take you to a lavish lunch and then take you to a bar and say ‘everything is on the house’ and this all is for your entire life. What does that make me? Everyone would say a best friend but I say a true enemy. It is because I will attend your funeral almost 20 years before I die because what I was doing while you were munching on the burger was eat a healthy salad after coming from a gym, watch you eat your double cheese macaroni while myself having a nutrient filled short lunch and getting ready to go to bed while you were headed to the bar.

We would think a hundred times before compromising something of great importance to us but not health. Our daily struggle to live a comfortable life makes us forget that what is the use of this comfort if we don’t get to live over 60?A statistical report of the World Health Organizationstates that the mortality rate of the world has increased to a whooping 25% since 1980. We already got global catastrophes, global warming, natural disasters, extremity of resources and what not to glare cannibalistically at us. Among all of this a healthy lifestyle can make us live some few more years before we bid goodbye to this life.

Healthy Lifestyle

A few health tips that the major health organizations approve one to followare:

  • Have short and frequent meals throughout the day. Measure each meal with its calorie content and nutrition content.
  • Drink a minimum of 3 litres of water everyday that helps with the proper blood circulation and skin treatment.
  • Trying and avoiding causes that brings distress into your life. Fine machinery is also useless without a proper functioning of its processor.
  • Try to sleep before 9:30pm and wake up at 4:30am followed by a yoga session or a long walk.
  • Spend at least an hour or two with a good book. That helps in both your refreshment of mind and emolument of your knowledge.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t only get bounded in eating healthy foods and spending a few hours at the gym. There is much to do except for all those. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean to keep you physically fit and active. It also means to have a mental harmony in life. In short, really difficult and time conserving than pounding on a burger.