The Effect of Mental Health on a Healthy Lifestyle

The Effect of Mental Health on a Healthy Lifestyle

We humans are very complex to understand, and it is not at all a doubt that you need good health to live a longer life, but did you know that it can only be achieved when you have good mental as well as physical health? Well yes!

If we understand this with an example, imagine a person needing to lose some fat from his/her body, so this person decides to go to the gym and is getting all the physical training it can get but not seeing any results even after dieting and cardio and whatnot, the reason you ask? The answer, “Mental Health”. See your mind is the biggest weapon you have, it is capable of doing things far beyond our thinking capability, but still, we underestimate it all the time. It is more engaging of a workout when you have the proper mind-muscle connection, giving you the best of your results, yet some people still fail after having an amazing mind-muscle connection, the reason is again, mental health.

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Our brain is always focusing on things that get its appetite a little higher, the dopamine release after imagining your dream physique in just a week of workout. The road to mental health or physical health is not a destination; it is a journey, a journey that requires discipline and devotion to go ahead of everyone. Have you ever imagined why only 1 out of 10 people going to the gym gets a good physique in no time? Well, it is because they aren’t focused on their goals, rather they are enjoying the journey, the process where you see little changes in you every single day.


A Harvard study shows that almost 25% of the world population is currently suffering from mental illness, many people among those people lag in only one thing. You know schools might not have given you the idea of financial literacy but it has given you something required by everyone in the world, knowledge, and control over discipline. As a student I never realized things such small as mental illness or physical strength but, it is important to be physically and mentally fit, you’re able to do so much more when you have the right mindset, you’re so much more capable of doing anything that you desire all that you need is already inside you, just embrace yourself and acknowledge yourself. Remember that 7 out of 10 people are facing mental illness as we talk and that is a really bad number to be considered, there is a heavy process that it takes to come out of the mental illness problem, and it is not just that but there are many problems that comes with it and you always have to think about it and your mind into meditation or some sort of training that doesn’t let you sink into it.