Healthy Lifestyle- First Step Towards Success

Healthy Lifestyle- First Step Towards Success

SUMMARYRich and successful person’s key factor along with a happy and healthy life is hardwork, smart work and time management. Everyone says that they live a healthy life, but what is health? How is healthy life related to success? Answer of all these questions is in our Vedic or mythological period.

In Vedic / mythological erafor living a disciplined and healthy life at the age of 13  every child sent guru Kul till the age of 25. In guru Kul every child has to wake up early in morning and touch the feet of their teacher, then clean the ground and keep food in-front of cows and after doing all these they take shower and pray and finally they get ready for studies. They were always healthy and fit as they wake up early in morning and do their and guru Kul’s routine work, means they clean the lobby of guru Kul happily and without any hesitation and question that why they were doing this. If we put Vedic period and 21st century put side by side, we can get several similarities between the two.


  • In mythological period people woke up early morning before sun shine which make their lungs strongas they inhale fresh air and in 21st technology obsessed century people after doctor’s suggestion for living a healthy lifestyle getting up from bed before sunrise to inhale fresh air making heart and lungs strong.
  • In guru Kul students clean the lobby and study area after getting fresh and now fitness freak people go out to gym or walk to open their body
  • In guru Kul they consume lite but full of all nutrients breakfast just like fitness freak office going consume low calories breakfast like oats, milk and corn flakes and sometimes only bananas with milk so that they can be energized all day. But between both the periods common factor is
  • Meditation and control over their breath.

Everyone loves to be fit and live a healthy lifestyle. But what measures and steps should be taken towards fitness? To live a healthy and fit life dietitian and doctors suggests

  • On time 8 hours sleep
  • Wake up before sun rise
  • After getting fresh meditate for a moment and having a high nutrients breakfast.
  • In evening spending times with family.

These are the ways which make us successful as healthy lifestyle is the first step towards success.