Healthy Lifestyle – How to Live Better

Healthy Lifestyle – How to Live Better

In this modern hectic world each day is adding extra stress on our lives and to cope up with these anxieties and stress , people are taking the means of mentally and physically unhealthy mediums such a drinking smoking, gambling to blow some steam. In this article we’ll learn how to slowly transition from a stressful unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one and in the process How to live a betterLife.

  • What can be classified as unhealthy?

Anything and everything that puts our health or our mental peace in jeopardy can be called unhealthy. It can be something like an addiction to something like alcoholism, smoking or gambling.

 It can be something related to our living pattern like going to sleep late or sleeping less ,eating junk food too much too frequently, having too much psychological or mental stress which will in turn cause bodily harm. So in order to live a better life you’ll have to relinquish this addicted or junk food riddled bad lifestyles and instead chooses to live a healthy.


Unhealthy habits also include using mediums of digital entertainment like movies, games or social media too much. Too much using of these things affects our psyche in a negative manner and eventually leads to bad health.

  • How to leave the previous unhealthy lifestyle?

I know it can be hard leaving your previous lifestyle easily as it has been built over years and thus it’s ingrained in our routine. We’ll subconsciously attempt to do those things so to not quit something in a half hearted manner and fully dedicate ourselves to the newer healthier lifestyle is the key. But those of you who want to know how to live better and healthy, I’ve got a method.

One way to make yourself to accept the new lifestyle readily is to tell yourselves about the health risks that your previous lifestyle posed and the amount of health benefits you’ll be slowly start to notice if you faithfully stick to this new lifestyle. This is way on how to live better.

You don’t have to leave every past habit in one go, instead opting to slowly add new habits and avoiding older ones. Like if you have the habit of eating junk food, start by replacing the junk food by similar but more healthier substitutes.