The Covid 19 Battle: Over Or Still In Progress?

Approximately two years before, no one would have thought that the way we live would change forever. Suddenly the news broke that a deadly virus is spreading in China, in the city of Wuhan, and it had led to the death of thousands of people in the country. Soon, the virus escaped the country and continued to impact many people globally.

Spread of the coronavirus globally

All the countries, irrespective of whether they were developed or developing, were equally hit by the virus in the worst way. Suddenly millions of people were affected by the virus, and they were asked to lock themselves down, or quarantine themselves to ensure that they didn’t spread the virus to other people who come in contact with them regularly.

The Covid 19 Battle Progress

Changes in lifestyle

As mentioned above, coronavirus not just changes the way we lift but also changes the way we worked. For almost a year and a half people are not allowed to step out of their homes and engage in any public gathering as it could lead to the spreading of the infection to the masses. Moreover, people are also asked to wear masks wherever they went as well as sanitizing their hands and belongings frequently. This is considered as the only remedy to the deadly killer- coronavirus. However, in today’s time, medical experts have also come up with respective vaccines to help people build their immunity again the virus.

The doctors and researchers all across the world were busy finding the genetic imprint of the virus as well as finding the common symptoms that were possibly observed in all the cases that had reported the infection. After much work, the results came out and the world health organization announced some symptoms that could be used to help in ruling out a case of being covid positive.

As soon as a person notices any of the symptoms mentioned above in their body, they were immediately advised to seek professional medical help and quarantine themselves. If the problem became serious or the person felt uncomfortable while being in home quarantine, it is suggested to get admitted into a medical facility as quickly as possible.

The world is still fighting the virus. However, the number of cases is lower than before. have we won this fight? Maybe but the precaution is still necessary.